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19 February 2014 @ 01:32 am
exo drabbles!  
Title: Drabble 1
Pairing: Sekai
Rating: PG-13
Note: au, part of a series (kind of)
Summary: A hint/prelude to part 4 of Playing With Fire
Warnings: innuendo, supernatural
Word: 172

His eyes slowly blinked open, and he squinted against the red-orange light flooding his vision. A few blinks later, Sehun found that he was in his own room, and that the light was that of the sun setting. He’d always been happy about his window facing west; but now the bright glow in the room just made everything seem eerie. When he shifted and made to sit up, Sehun realized that there were chains pinning him to the bed, and his eyes widened, “What…?” All questions were then answered, however, when a dark figure stepped into the room. Sehun’s jaw dropped at the sight of Jongin wearing the black t-shirt that Sehun had first greeted him in after the first summoning. He couldn’t help licking his lips and enjoying the sight of lean thighs peeking from beneath the shirt’s hem, and that infuriating tail swishing back and forth behind the demon. “You’re finally awake,” the demon purred, his eyes playful, full lips tilting up at the corners, “Good. I was getting bored.”

Title: Drabble 2
Pairing: Hunhan
Rating: PG-13
Note: band-verse
Summary: Suspenders.
Warnings: innuendo, suspenders
Word: 147

Luhan watched as the others practiced the dance for their Christmas Day performance. Drank his water thirstily at the sight of Baekhyun’s perfect hands slipping over the suspenders. Swallowed hard at the sight of Jongin’s thighs shifting beneath the tight denim that was part of their Christmas Day ensemble. But what caught his attention the most was the movements of Sehun’s hips, and that damned tongue, constantly flicking out to wet the maknae’s lips. Luhan emptied the last of the water bottle into his mouth and set it down before re-joining the dance practice. Once they finished hours later, and the members left in small groups toward the showers, Luhan took hold of Sehun’s elbow, making him stay behind. Once they were alone in the practice room, Luhan pinned the younger boy to the mirror and gave him a slow smile, “You so asked for it, Sehunnie-yah.”

Title: Drabble 3
Pairing: Krishan
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Two wolvies in the forest.
Warnings: anal sex, knotting
Word: 123

He was sure that from then on, he would be unable to walk into a forest without his cock going hard. The smell of the dirt, the fallen, decomposing leaves, and the sound of the wind filtering through the nearly empty branches above, combined with the feel of their bodied grinding together. Kris thrust hard and fast against him, and Luhan’s nails scraped over the taller male’s back, adding dirt and fragments of leaves to the sweat on Kris’s skin. Then a growl left Kris’s lips, and went still, completely seated in Luhan, as his cock started to swell. Luhan’s head tilted back, and he clawed at the dirt when the sensations of intense pleasure and pain combined and made him come hard.
Current Mood: amusedamused
duragonfurai: sunset sehunnie exo showtime ep 6duragonfurai on February 20th, 2014 12:15 am (UTC)
Ahhhhhh thank you bby! <333

Might just post drabbles like this while in school (2 more months to go!) since I see that they're appreciated at least by you kekeke <3

And I love dominant Luhan too @_@ omo